Police Reforms

Another tragic police shooting this weekend in Atlanta. And the fallout was swift. Two Officers and the Atlanta Police Chief are out of their jobs. Following the shooting, rioters burned to the ground the Wendy’s restaurant on University Avenue where the shooting occurred in Southwest Atlanta. Protests in the area continue as of Sunday. TheContinue reading “Police Reforms”


HANCOCK and his wife Joni were both adopted at birth. Each also has an adopted sibling. In HANCOCK’s case, his adopted sister Cheryl is also his biological half-sister; both sharing the same biological mother. In 2013, HANCOCK and his sister worked through the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry to locate their biological maternal siblings. The pairContinue reading “Adoption”

About the Blogger HANCOCK

Originally from the State of Georgia, HANCOCK has lived in Florida since graduating from Georgia Southern University in 1988. After receiving a bachelors degree in business management there, HANCOCK later received a Masters degree in professional counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. During his Masters program, HANCOCK was able to study abroad briefly inContinue reading “About the Blogger HANCOCK”

Our World Today

I can not count in recent days the many times my wife, Joni, and I have said the words to the other, “these are weird, strange times we’re living in.” There are so many inexplicable events happening in our world today. It has a tendency to cause us common folk great anxiety as we wrestleContinue reading “Our World Today”

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