Police Reforms

Another tragic police shooting this weekend in Atlanta. And the fallout was swift. Two Officers and the Atlanta Police Chief are out of their jobs. Following the shooting, rioters burned to the ground the Wendy’s restaurant on University Avenue where the shooting occurred in Southwest Atlanta. Protests in the area continue as of Sunday.

The shooting raises the volume once again on public outcry for new crime prevention controls. Which makes me wonder… given that the victim fled after struggling with police, grabbing an officer’s taser, turning and firing the taser in the direction of the Officer… what else might have happened in this instance that could have provided a satisfactory outcome?

After considering the possibilities, I’ve come up with a few outside the box ideas. First, a device police can hand to a suspect at the point of intervention that can capture and record the individuals fingerprints on the spot, even if it required analysis later. This could provide a positive identity linked to a particular crime at a particular date and time. And, it’s non-invasive.

Next, perhaps tasers could be replaced by guns that discharge large brightly-colored high-splatter paint balls. These could be helpful as a non-lethal means of identifying a person who has been involved in a police matter, particularly if a universal color was selected and used (think, a bank bag).

Another possibility is a gps tracking handcuff that could be immediately administered upon connection with a suspect. If the suspect runs away, they may still be a threat to innocent bystanders in the area, but police could use the technology to track the suspect.

Finally, small remote drones could work in coordination with a gps device in certain instances to quickly locate a suspect.

In this weekend’s Atlanta shooting, the suspect fell asleep behind the wheel at the Wendy’s drive-thru, blocking patron’s behind him. When police arrived, the suspect failed a field sobriety test. As he fled the scene, perhaps property he left behind may have helped Police identify the man? That is, unless the vehicle was stolen. We may never know what might have been. But one thing’s for sure… in this arduous time in America… some things will have to change.

What ideas do you have for crime prevention reforms? What might help save lives? A nationwide bad cop database? More police training? Let’s talk about ideas.

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