Our World Today

I can not count in recent days the many times my wife, Joni, and I have said the words to the other, “these are weird, strange times we’re living in.” There are so many inexplicable events happening in our world today. It has a tendency to cause us common folk great anxiety as we wrestle with making sense of these things.

Despite the acrimony so prevalent in the news today, it is not a race war that America is awaiting. Do we have racial differences? Yes. Are there racial injustices in the world? Absolutely. Do people hate people of different colors and races for no reason. Absolutely. Hate is a learned behavior. But is this the biggest challenge we face together as a people in the U.S.A. today? By no means.

I have been stirred by watching the passions of decent people run wild this past week It seems as if a year. Like so many, I have no issue with people peacefully protesting a cause, particularly one so near and dear to so many good people’s hearts. And when those peaceful protests are staged and/or encouraged by the very people who are supposed to be governing and protecting us, will we likewise respond together with the same fervor? The same passion.

We shall see soon. I fear.

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