HANCOCK and his wife Joni were both adopted at birth. Each also has an adopted sibling. In HANCOCK’s case, his adopted sister Cheryl is also his biological half-sister; both sharing the same biological mother.

In 2013, HANCOCK and his sister worked through the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry to locate their biological maternal siblings. The pair found three additional biological sisters who each live near the beach in West Florida. Sadly, a younger brother and biological mother passed away before the siblings met. In addition to the new sisters, there are dozens of new cousins, nieces, nephews and family friends as well.

In 2017, after extensive research HANCOCK and his wife Joni located her biological family. Her biological father lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where Joni was adopted and raised, her biological mother lives in Smyrna GA and Joni’s brother lives with his family in Marietta, GA. Interestingly, before locating them, HANCOCK lived in Kennesaw GA for two years… only a few miles away from each. The families met for the first time in March 2018.

At Christmas 2019, HANCOCK identified his biological paternal family in South Carolina near Augusta GA. Sadly, HANCOCK’s biological father, like his adopted father, had passed by that time. Likewise, three of four biological half-brothers had also passed. HANCOCK met his lone surviving half-brother and his wife in Augusta GA in February 2020.

HANCOCK’s adopted mother Anne and Joni’s adopted father Stan both live in Jacksonville FL where the HANCOCK family makes their home. HANCOCK and his wife have two grown sons of their own: Joshua and Jacob. The couple both maintain regular contact with their new families.

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